3 Casino Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When you think of casino games, the first names that pop into your mind are probably poker, blackjack, and roulette. Besides these, you probably jump straight to slot machines as well. These are the classics, and every casino you visit will most likely have these games available to play.

But if you’re a veteran casino visitor, you may be pining for something new! Are there any games that you’ve never heard of, even if you’ve been visiting the casino for years? Well of course! You just need to look hard enough!

This article will give you 3 unconventional casino games that you’ve probably never heard of before!


Dreidel sounds less like a casino or gambling game, and more like some sort of sweet Swiss dessert. Rest assured, there’s tons of money to be won at the Dreidel table. But what is it?

Dreidel is a well-known gambling experience that was initially only played by Jewish people at Hanukkah celebrations. Since then, it’s evolved into quite an unconventional casino game. Experts do predict, however, that in the next few years, it could become much more popular!

The game basically revolves around a 4 faced spinning top. Each face has a Jewish letter on it. Four people sit at the table and bet on a side. It’s really that simple. It almost mimics roulette in a way but makes it slightly more interesting!


Have you ever thought of combining the online pokies New Zealand players love with a pinball machine? Well, that exactly what they did over in Japan! Its name is Pachinko! If you’re a lover of slot machines, then this might be right up your alley.

Pachinko machines are mechanically operated and use anime characters as graphics. If you love anime and find yourself in a Japanese casino, you’re more than likely to come across a Pachinko machine with all your favourite characters.

Many online casinos also have Pachinko available to play!


War does not sound much like a tabletop casino game, right? It sounds more like a card or board game that you’d play at your local game shop. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this because that’s where War originated from.

Coming from Asia, War places four players against each other, starting out with two face-down decks. Each player has the same number of cards and can draw on their turn. The aim of the game is to obtain a hand with the highest card values by the end. It’s that simple!

Whether or not you’ll find war in any western casinos remains to be seen. If you’re a fan of card games that require a little bit of strategy, this may be the game for you!

In Conclusion

Finding new and interesting casino games can be challenging! Not many people know where to look. The games above are unconventional, yet readily available on most online casinos for you to enjoy!


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