3 old-fashioned hobbies that are making their comeback

What better way to fill your day than by spending time on your favorite hobby? Logically, hobbies have been a thing for over decades, as people always found a way to entertain themselves. Over time, hobbies have drastically changed, electricity being the main reason for that. However, over the last couple of years, we’ve seen many hobbies making a comeback. In this blog, we’d like to list three of these.

  1. Vinyl

Music is and has been a hobby for many people over the years. A lot of people like to experience live music, but since this isn’t always possible, vinyl used to be the perfect solution. Until CDs completely took over: together with the Walkman, these could be played anywhere – quickly making everyone forget about LPs. That was until Spotify introduced themselves: by using this streaming platform, CDs became unnecessary. But, because people still like to own music, vinyl made a comeback. Many people think these are simply nicer to look at, as well as they’re capable of creating a better sound. Nowadays, nearly every artist is releasing their music on vinyl again, as they’ve become more popular than CDs again.

  1. Books

It’s something a lot of older people complain over: the youth nowadays doesn’t read enough books anymore. Well, this complaint won’t be relevant for many years anymore, as books are making a total comeback. This is partly the case because of TikTok: many people like to share their thoughts on their favorite books here, which creates discussion and helps people to find new books a lot easier. Who knows what this will lead to: maybe a lot of people from this TikTok generation will find inspiration and start writing themselves too.

  1. Casinos

Where some hobbies find their way back in the same old-fashioned way, some others find their way back in a new way. This can be said for casinos: where their physical variant had been decreasing in popularity, they found a way to reintroduce themselves by going online as well. With COVID-19 hitting the world, the popularity for this online version has increased massively. Even now that the virus is slowly decreasing, we don’t see this popularity decrease. Online casinos seem to be a stayer, which is very understandable as they’re very enjoyable to participate in. Many online casinos offer the exact same cakes as a regular casino would, so it’s up to you: will you hit the jackpot in real life, or do you prefer an online one?


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