Are you a Hellmuth or an Ivey?

OK, stop me if you’ve heard this before – you’re at a card table with a few other players, or you’re playing online poker. You’re eyeing the cards and starting to think you might have the winning hand. What do you do next? Do you scan the room and see how the others are looking? Maybe that cool looking customer has the other ace and might beat you on the river? You decide to raise, see how it plays out and that cool looking customer… explodes into a cursing rage and throws down a solid hand which is just that little bit worse than yours.

If so, congratulations! You’ve probably played against the legendary Phil Hellmuth.

Poker is full of larger than life personalities and if you’ve been playing for a while, you’ve probably started to act like one or two of them. But which one? Are you the Hellmuth of the table or the Phil Ivey?

Maybe even the Doyle Brunson? We’d bet against you getting that last one because he isn’t an option, but we can definitely decide if you’re Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, a dead cowboy or a computer!

If you’re curious to find out which of the four options you fall under, try out the quiz below and see which poker star you are! The questions will assess how you play poker and provide you with a result based on your honest answers. Good luck!


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