Gambling Terminology

When you start playing casino games online, you’ll be introduced to a whole new language! Don’t let these unfamiliar words and phrases intimidate you, however. They take very little time to commit to memory.


How much money players bet across an entire session.


Money set aside specifically for gambling.


In Poker, this is a wager which matches the current one.

The D’Alembert System

A betting system that works by adding a unit every time a bet is lost and deducting one for every wager won.

En Prison

This is a stake that stays on the Roulette table for another spin of the wheel after an Even Money Bet with a 0 or 00 outcome.

Flat Betting

Consistently betting the same amount.

High Roller

A term used to describe gamblers who spend a lot. What amounts qualify you for this title will vary from casino to casino.

Hole Card(s)

Cards that stay face-down so no one can see them. The dealer has a Hole Card in Blackjack, and Poker players may have them as well.

Inside Bets

A Roulette wager made on numbers found on the inside of the table.


The biggest possible prize available on a slot or other casino game. Typically, it’s only used for special rewards, like a Progressive or one with a side bet associated. You find these prizes frequently when you play Bingo games for money, for example.


Jamaican Rummy, which follows the same concept as Rummy in terms of players needing to match sets of cards. Usually played with Wild cards.

Low Poker

Also known as Lowball, it’s Poker played in reverse, where the winner is the player with the lowest-value hand.

The Martingale

A betting system which sees you doubling your wager after each loss and dropping down when you win.

A Natural

A 2-card hand of a certain value, like an 8 or 9 in Baccarat and 21 in Blackjack.

Optimal Strategy

Applicable to any online or mobile casinogame that requires that you make strategic decisions and where all possible results can be calculated mathematically. It is the set of plays that will get you the best returns and is commonly used in Blackjack and Video Poker.

A Push

A bet that results in a tie. You get your money back and neither a win nor a loss is scored.

A Rank

What a set of cards is worth in a Poker game.

Snake Eyes

When the dice lands on a 2 in Craps. It’s called Snake Eyes because the dice look like this creature’s peepers and if you just rolled it, it’s bad news, just like seeing the real thing would be!

Video Poker

A machine game similar to slots that simulates the action of 5-card Poker. You choose to discard and replace cards from the starting hand and, if you manage to make the minimum combination, you get paid out.

Wagering Requirements The amount of money you need to bet before you can claim a bonus at online casinos. They’ve been put in place to ensure that players don’t just grab the money and run!


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