How You Can be Sure that You are Dealing with a Legit and Safe Online Casino

Playing casino games online is not just fun and exciting. It’s also safe to do this nowadays now that technology has improved online transactions a lot. Back in the day, it’s understandable that many are still hesitant about transacting online, especially if it involves gambling. However, things have changed and you can now be at ease whenever you make transactions online.

Today is just really a great time to make transactions online whether it’s about shopping or gambling. You can choose a poker, blackjack, or craps casino. Whatever type of casino it is, you’ll find it online easily. That’s just the internet for you.

While it’s already safe to make transactions with online casinos nowadays, you still play a role when it comes to ensuring that you are indeed dealing with a legit casino. Even if online gambling is now safe, there still are people online who are out to scam people and even the safest technology can’t help if this is their intention in the first place.

This is why you need to be knowledgeable or at least able to assess whether you are dealing with a legit and safe casino. Don’t have any idea what to look for? Well, here are the factors you should consider before signing up with any online casinos.

  • Look for a Valid License

An easy way of determining whether you’re faced with a legit online casino is checking whether it carries a valid license. There are many jurisdictions that issue casino or gambling licenses like Malta, the UK, Gibraltar, Curacao, and even Denmark.

Usually, an online casino displays its license at the bottom or footer of the site. And so, as soon as you log-in to the site, scroll down and see if they have the license. To know whether this is a legit license, you can click on the link that they have and this should redirect you to the page where it is shown that they are issued a license by a specific jurisdiction. If they don’t have a clickable link, look for the license number and crosscheck with the displayed jurisdiction that they claim to be licensed by.

  • Check What Safety Measures the Casino Have

After knowing that an online casino is licensed, this is when you get more thorough about your safety. Check the security measures that a casino has to ensure that you’re protected from any harm. The basic security measures include the use of HTTPS instead of HTT and the padlock icon that you can see beside the website address on your browser. This means that your transactions with that website are encrypted.

Online casinos should allow you to create your account and protect you by letting you set up your unique login details. It’s also better if they ask you to set up security questions just in case you forget your username or password.

You should also check how they could assist you in case of any login problems. Check if they have support available to assist you and how you can reach them. Most of the time, casinos have support representatives that you can call or email.

  • Check the Variety of Games that it Offers

This doesn’t mean that the more variety or the less variety an online casino has, the more legit it is. What you really should check is which software providers they are partnered with. The most popular ones are NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Novomatic, and many more. If they carry games from any of these providers, then they offer safe and fair games because these providers are also licensed and regulated by different jurisdictions.

  • Go Outside the Website and Look for Reviews

While the big texts of quotes from satisfied customers on a casino site can be quite convincing, you still should do your research and go outside the website. There are many casino reviews sites that you can visit to know more about an online casino. These review sites cover topics like what games a casino offers, the payment methods that a casino has, and even statements from real customers. Reading through casino reviews can help you learn more about a casino.
What you should check is the timeliness of payouts and how a casino’s customer service is. Are they easy to reach? Do they easily resolve problems? These are the questions that you should find answers to. However, if you see negative reviews don’t be turned off right away and still weigh in the positive reviews. No online casino is perfect, but if any problems arise, check how these operators deal with it.


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