Increasing Your Odds At Online Slots

Online slots are the staple of the modern casino world, drawing in millions of players every single day. In fact, online slots are so popular that it’s estimated that around 60% of all the traffic that casinos draw in is players looking for a slot game to play. It’s one of the reasons that the casino industry has turned into an international powerhouse.

Slots are deceptively simple, and are designed in such a way that the casino tends to benefit due to the sheer amount of people that play every day. They make use of a system called RNG, which, if the casino has fair play, ensures that every spin a player makes is left completely up to chance, which is vastly different from sports betting, such as the best NBA bets, for example. Winning a slots game based on gameplay alone is never going to improve your chances of winning big, as it means that the RNG system would not be 100% fair, and that’s something that’s watched closely by a number of regulatory agencies. There are, however, some helpful ways that you can improve your chances of winning by changing the way you approach the game.

1. Choosing The Machine

Professional slot players take their time and do their research before they decided on a slot machine to play. This often involves taking into considering the kind of game it is: it might be a classic fruit machine that offers simple but fast gameplay, or it may be a progressive jackpot that’s linked to millions in winnings. The latter is what the professional tend to choose more often: having the chance to earn the prize pool is the best way of claiming a large win.

2. Stick With One Machine

It’s easy to become bored while playing a single machine, especially when there are so many other choices out there. But this is something that the professionals do religiously, and it ends up paying out if enough time is put into the machine. Spend a number of hours every day at the same progressive slot vastly increases the chance that the slot will pay out, but it does require playing that slot almost every day.

3. The Time Spent

As mentioned above, spending time at a single slot is the key to eventually landing that winning combination. But the amount of time spent is what makes the key different: some professionals spend around 8 hours a day at the same slot. The odds are in the favour of those that can spend the most time playing, as they have the highest chance at the prize.

4. Maintain a Budget Another mistake that inexperienced players make is blowing all of their money all at once. It’s important to create a manageable budget instead that you are able to work with every month. Not only does this refrain you from playing with money you need for rent or groceries, but you will find that you eventually have enough money to enjoy as much as you want.


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