Poker Myths

Thanks to its wild and checkered history, a number of myths still surround this classic card game from the wild, wild West. In fact, there may be a couple outlined here that you believe yourself!

Myth No. 1: Changing Your Seat Changes Your Fate 

Along with superstitions around when an online pokies game is supposedly due to pay out, many Poker competitors believe that changing their seat at the table will have an effect on how their game turns out. The truth is, this action can’t possibly do anything, except maybe alter a few cards as they are dealt out. In fact, there may well be a good reason to sit somewhere else! If you could garner a different betting position, it may end up having a good effect on the outcome of your play.

Myth No. 2: The Best Players Are Always Bluffing 

The fact is, bluffing can sometimes work in your favour, but it doesn’t always. In fact, bluffing too often will actually have a negative impact on the game. And it doesn’t matter a jot when you’re upping the ante online.

If you are doing it all the time, sooner or later your opponents will cotton on to your strategy, and will adjust what they’re doing accordingly. So you will be stuck with a plan you can’t really put a stop to, thanks to the momentum its picked up, and a table full of players who know exactly what you’re doing.

Myth No. 3: It’s All About the Tells 

Tells, to be honest, are not that big of a factor in Poker games, especially in the world of online gambling, and you need a few other tricks for success too. They’re important in the sense that they let you understand a little more about your opponent, and in some cases may even help you guess with a good amount of accuracy what cards that opponent is holding. What’s important, however, is the adjustments that you make because of this information. Just knowing how to spot a Tell is not enough on its own.

Myth No. 4: The Best Player Always Wins 

This isn’t true at all. In fact, even the most experienced players don’t always win, even when playing a game like Video Poker. In fact, if you look at statistics, even really skilled players only take the pot between 60% and 80% of their games. Average participants are quite able to succeed, even if they are facing off against someone who is very, very good at what they do.

Myth No. 4: Great Players Are Born, Not Made 

It may seem true that certain people make it look like they were born with some kind of natural talent, but the vast majority only reach the top echelons of this industry by training very hard for a very long time, and developing their own strategies along the way.

Nobody is born with all the skills becoming a card shark requires. Getting good is a result of a deep level of understanding of the game, a willingness to explore and learn about a range of different strategies, and the willingness to fail as one learns what works and what doesn’t!


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