The best casino promotions in Ireland

It seems that gambling exists as long as human history can reach. Through the previous centuries, it takes different shapes, but at last land casinos appeared and swiftly became very popular. Logically enough when the Internet was created and our life moved to the online mode, the owners of casinos thought about the new level of their business. To date, there are thousands of online clubs all over the world, where millions of users play every day.

The idea of ​​gambling in the comfort of your own home using the computer or any other device has captured the minds of gamers and attracted them also due to the existence of numerous Casino Promotions.

The variety of such special propositions is used to attract new and motivate regular guests. Due to the existence of bonus systems, you can play without cash investments. However, before activating promotional offers, it is important to study all the details for receiving gifts and their wagering, the validity period, and the time of their activation. Only in this case, guests will be able to select profitable betting bonuses and enjoy the game.

Welcome and Deposit Bonuses

Generally, a bonus is a method to provide a guest with free money or some useful free options for utilization at a particular club. This method of promotion is widely used as everyone likes free things.

For the new guests, many clubs have a so-called ‘sign up bonus’. It is a welcoming issue that encourages signing up, accepting the policy of the club, and going through the verification procedure. Using it the owners of the club get two things at once: a newly registered player and his or her details for future contacts.

This promotion method is quite popular because it attracts the guest to start playing immediately and gives all the needed conditions for it.

In addition, many online clubs often use the deposit bonus. It encourages guests to make deposits with their own money and get the price corresponding to its value. Usually, such a bonus is issued depending on the deposit amount. Sometimes it can be accompanied by free spins or other similar options.

For example, Slotbox offers to all new members a 100% Deposit Bonus of up to €200 together with 200 Free Spins. The minimum deposit that is required to obtain this welcome prize is €20.

The procedure is quite easy:

  1. Choose ‘Deposit’ and select the method for the payment.
  2. Choose the ‘Welcome Bonus’ and make the payment.
  3. Get your bonus instantly together with the pack of 25 free spins and unlock other free spins through the following week.

In a nutshell, welcome and deposit bonuses are a great opportunity for those who start to play. The main thing to remember is that the gambler should be responsible and read all the details about these promotions and the rules of their utilization.

Other Special Offers

Many clubs offer weekly or other regular bonuses for players who visit the casino every day. For example, Slotbox guarantees a reward every Friday if the guest:

  • Bets at least €25 any time during the week on slot games.
  • At least 10 free spins are guaranteed and there is no upper limit of bonus cash that can be won. The more your play, the more you get.
  • The player must have more than 1 deposit to get into the Weekly Reward Club.

Moreover, there are reload bonuses. Their aim is to retain the player and involve those who have not made a deposit for some period of time. The guest gets a reminder about the club or the invitation to return and to take advantage because of the presence of the additional bonuses. 

This type of promotion can vary greatly: from extra free spins to a deposit percentage. As the bonus is aimed to encourage the gamer to return, it is often limited in time or has a short duration. Also, reload bonus can be linked to a special event or used as a promotion for new games.

One more type of promotion is cashback or free spins for those guests who have lost the game. This is the thing for consideration if the club builds long-term relationships with its clients and can be done in the following way:

  • Providing cashback as a percentage of the money lost. 
  • Individual free spins for those guests who were unlucky during the day or week.

In most cases, online clubs combine all of the above-mentioned systems in order both to attract new clients and held the gamers who have already chosen the casino. Always be careful and alert when too huge bonuses are offered. Carefully read through the details and conditions for their utilization, because the great promises can be related to some mischief. 

How to Select an Online Casino?

The task to choose a top Irish casino is extremely relevant for many gamblers. If you do not want to make a mistake and lose money, except for the bonus system also pay attention to:

  • The presence of a license. Preference should be given only to licensed gaming clubs. All top casinos have licenses, as this is evidence that the online club fulfills its obligations to its users.
  • Reviews. When choosing the club, it is also very important to read the comments of experienced gamers and those who have already used the platform. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to both positive and negative reviews. This approach will allow you to get the most objective picture of a particular gaming club.
  • Payment systems. When playing at the online casino, a gambler will definitely have to deposit money into the account and withdraw them after winning. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the online club supports payment systems that are user-friendly.
  • Support and client service. During the game, various kinds of questions may arise, so it is important to be able to ask them to the technical support service and get a quick and informative response. That means a gaming club should have good support. You should also pay attention to the number of communication channels with it, the more of them exist, the better.
  • Mobile version. This is especially true for those who want to play the top club from a smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. Modern online organizations must have a mobile version, which allows you to properly adapt its features to various gadgets.

Of course, also pay attention to the bonus system of the gaming club, as some modern online casinos are able to please their visitors with very good bonus offers. Top casinos with a ‘no deposit bonus’ are especially popular since no deposit is required to receive such a bonus.

On the main page of the online club, you will always see their profitable offers in large print, and all sites with casino reviews and advertising, first of all, also indicate huge amounts of bonuses. Do not only look at such colorful advertisements and promises of fabulously huge bonuses – instead carefully read through the existing rules and conditions.

Considering the factors described above, you will be able to quickly select a suitable option for a gaming club that can fully suit you and get the most from the bonuses provided.


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