The Most Expensive Casinos in the World

Congratulations! You’ve done it!

You’ve won millions playing at the casino and now you need to find a way to invest all this money so you can turn your millions into billions. Well, we would obviously advise some stable stocks and maybe a few properties you could rent out but you got this far by gambling you may as well commit and try and make your money back by building the most impressive casino the world has ever seen, along with an attached resort that’s going to generate you an impressive revenue stream completely unrelated to the gambling.

But the problem is, you’re going to have to stand out. You could build a themed casino but they tend to age pretty rapidly thanks to the niche appeal of the topic you end up using. You could focus on getting the House Edge down low and enticing in famous players but that’s probably just going to leave you worse off in the long run. Your only REAL option is to build the biggest and best casino out there and you’re going to have some pretty stiff competition on that front.

These days more and more businessmen are investing in online casinos due to the extreme popularity of poker, slots, blackjack online and the likes.

However, if you still love the lavish casino lifestyle and buildings, check ou the infographic below of the five most expensive in the world!


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