The top 10 casino games

Gambling fans are in luck. There are a wide variety of options to choose from, all of them fun, with easy-to-understand rules and with the possibility of making you earn money. But, which one should you choose? At online casino au, we bring you a list with the top 10 casino games . These are the favorite options for most players to have a good time and try their luck.

What is the top 10 casino games?

French Roulette: Roulette is one of the most popular games in any casino, and the French version is the first of all. Part of its success lies in its simple mechanics. All you have to do is bet where the ball is going to land and, if it is correct, collect the prize. This version has 37 numbers, from 0 to 36.

Blackjack: Also called 21, in this table game one or more players face the dealer with the aim of achieving a score of 21 or the closest possible without exceeding it with two or more cards. The perfect play is achieved when you score 21 points with just two cards, so it is also the highest paid play.

American Blackjack: The American version is one of the most popular modalities. The surrender rule applies, which allows you to surrender and recover half of the initial bet when suspecting that the bank may have blackjack after seeing his discovered card and if the player’s initial hand is bad.

Slots: One of the most prominent games in any casino. Slot machines are very easy to use. There is a game area with reels with different symbols and one or more pay lines. The reels start spinning until they stop, the symbols stop in their final position and you can check if your spin has a prize according to the combinations determined by the game.

Live roulette: It ‘s like playing online roulette, but with real roulette. Many operators broadcast from their own casinos, and allow interaction both with the croupiers and with the rest of the members of the table. Besides live roulette online casino for real money is a popular and fun way to make money.

Baccarat: a game similar to blackjack, in which the objective is that the player, who plays against the house, adds with his cards the closest possible value to 9 points. The faces and tens are worth zero, the aces are worth 1 and the rest of the cards retain the value indicated on them.

Dice: consists of betting on the result of two dice and allows you to make various bets. The mechanics could not be simpler, the players bet against the house regarding the result that will appear on the dice before rolling them.

Poker: Each hand consists of 5 cards, with the highest valued hand winning. These will be revealed gradually, at the same time the players will have the possibility to fold or increase the bet, and the winner will be the one whose hand has the highest value on the table.

Keno: a game similar to the lottery, in which it begins with a board of 80 numbers, from which the player chooses 20 squares. Balls with numbers and the player are released, and the player will get winnings based on those that match on his board.

Videobingo: Combine the excitement of slots and the dynamics of bingo. The player starts the game with the cards that he buys, and the balls with the numbers are extracted from the drum. Of course, they are all extracted at the same time, at a dizzying rate, so that we will quickly know which numbers we have and which we do not. As in the case of slots, there are different combinations or paylines available, so you do not have to sing bingo to win.


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