Top  4 richest gamblers 2022

For many online gambling is either a hobby or weekend activity but some have turned it into a profession. They’ve made a living betting on racehorses, baccarat, blackjack and so much more. Here is a list of the richest gamblers in 2022.

Bill Benter:

Gambler: Horse racing and blackjack

Net worth: $1 billion

Bill Benter was born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA, and got a degree in Physics and Mathematics. Bill began his career learning about blackjack and using his Physics and Mathematics to help him calculate and come up with possible outcomes. He then moved over to Hong Kong where he met a man named, Alan Woods. Alan and Bill began learning about horse racing and betting on it too. Eventually, Bill went solo and decided to come up with a formula that allows one to determine the outcome of horse races. Once Bill perfected the formula, he decided to create software for horse racing which became a huge success. This talented man currently earns around $100 million per year by betting on horse racing.

Edward Thorp:

Gambler: Baccarat and Blackjack

Net worth: $800 million

Edward Thorp is a professional blackjack player with other professions including a mathematics professor, author, and inventor. In 1961, Edward and his partner, Claude Shannon invented the first wearable computer. Edward had years of success in casino baccarat and blackjack which led him to become one of the wealthiest gamblers. Later, Ed decided to put his mathematical skills to use and went to work for Wall Street where he predicted market anomalies. Edward then began writing a book called ‘Beat the Market’ where he explained the methods of earning money on stocks. His book was published and was said to be a huge success.

Billy Walters:

Gambler: Sports Betting

Net worth: $200 million

Billy Walters began his sports betting career at the stifling age of 9. He used the money he made handing out newspapers to place bets. Over the years this all accumulated to an incredible net worth of $200 million. Billy became one of the wealthiest gamblers in the world and eventually opened up a sports betting company in Los Angles where he made around $15 million. Unfortunately, Billy was sentenced to 5 years in prison when he was found guilty of insider trading. Billy was released from jail in 2020 and was pardoned by former President Donald Trump.

Phil Ivey:

Gambler: Poker

Net worth: $100 million

Phil Ivey was born and raised in California, USA. Phil’s total winnings amount to over $19 million in live tournaments. He holds two titles including, World Poker Tour champion and an eight-time World Series of Poker Champion.


After reading this I am sure many of you have realized that it is possible to make a career out of gambling with the right skills, you can be worth millions. Nothing is stopping you from becoming the next wealthiest gambler, this resource will definitely help you.


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