7 Tips for Responsible Gambling

With the recent advances in technology, it has become much easier for people to gamble without leaving their houses. There are various areas where you can gamble, such as sports, or the stock market.

Various reasons lead to gambling such as excitement, social reasons or the thrill of winning. Gambling has been termed as one of the addictive games that have been played online. Well, these games require one to be responsible.

Gambling responsibly means, exercising control over your gambling activity and not allowing it to negatively impact other areas of your life.

The following tips will help you to learn more about how you can enjoy gambling and avoid putting yourself at risk for problem gambling.

1. Assess your income

Gambling should not be your road to poverty. Manage your income putting the pre-set amount in the first line. When there is no money left on you, skip gambling. If you have no income yet, don’t borrow or use someone else’s money to fund gambling.

2. Set a limit

Set a limit on how much time and money you can spend on gambling. Use the money that you have set aside for fun and not the one you need for important things like rent, food, etc. When you lose the money, quit the game. Again, when you win, enjoy it, but do not change the limit while you play.

3. Balance gambling with other social activities

Gambling should not be the only activity during your leisure time. Enjoy other activities like movies, nature walks, etc. Gambling should not occupy the larger part of your life.

4. Don’t think of gambling as a way of solving your problems

The bottom line of the establishment of casinos and all gambling sites, as the Judi online sites, is to make more money than they payout. This implies that the vast majority lose so as the small minority can have big wins. This fact is blinded by the false expectation held by gamblers that they will be the big winners. As it is easy to win, it is also easy to lose. Gamble for fun.

5. Do not gamble when you are depressed or under the influence of drugs

Under the influence of stress or drugs, it is hard to make a good decision about gambling, thus wasting more money than you had anticipated. Engage in other social activities like taking a nature walk to calm your nerves first or wait until you are sober to avoid regretting later.

5. Avoid taking your bank and credit cards with you

Most of the gambling activities involve money. When your gambling limit is met, you will be tempted to look for alternatives, the close one is your credit cards. Leaving them behind will save you the temptation of spending more money that was not budgeted for.

7. Never chase losses

If you lose money in gambling, don’t try to get it back as this can lead you to go over your limit which can even lead to bigger losses.


When getting into gambling sites like Judi online, always have in mind that there are two options to choose from, you either gamble responsibly, or you don’t gamble at all.


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