All about the best online blackjack casinos

It is a fixture in any casino and is among the main table games. It is without a doubt one of the most popular dealer card games. The key to its popularity lies in the fact that the player has greater control over the game than, for example, if we compare it with other games in which luck and chance have a greater role, such as roulette. There are certain steps and strategies that you can use to minimize the house edge. Here we show you the best america casino to try online blackjack and more.

How to find the best blackjack casino?

Online tables work with digital dealers that are actually RNGs or random number generators. The game software includes an algorithm that draws any of the total cards, without it being possible to predict in any way which one will come out or manipulate them during the game. There is no possible cheating when using verified RNGs. These random generators are precisely what make it possible to calculate the theoretical percentage of return to player or RTP. This is one of the games with one of the highest RTPs , around 98% or even 99%. What you bet playing you can get back with the winnings. Safe software and good RTP are criteria that can help you choose the best blackjack operator.

The limits of the tables

Table limits are the key. Many tables, mainly classic European and American ones, offer different betting limits that you choose before you start playing online blackjack. Let’s look at some of them to give you an idea. The normal thing is that the limits are placed in a classic table between 1 ct and €1 minimum and up to €50 and €300 maximum per game in multi-hand tables; and with a minimum of €2 – €1 and a maximum of €100 and €50 in multiplayer tables.


In general, online casinos do not offer promotions specially designed for playing blackjack, which does not happen. For example, with real money online pokies, you often find particularly attractive bonus offers. However, the ever-recurring welcome bonuses are well worth the start of a game of blackjack. The normal thing is that you look for a promotion that offers you a 100% bonus on your first deposit that, depending on the operators.

Once you have claimed your bonus you have to take into account that to play blackjack online  for real money you will have to bet the bonus amount a number of times before. You have to be very attentive to this requirement of the bet, as well as to the contribution of the game to the bonus, since only rarely does the game contribute 100%. The normal thing is that it contributes 25%, and in some online casinos up to 50%.

Everything you need to know to play blackjack online

If there is one thing this game has, it is that anyone who knows the rules can have fun. You only need to know what to do in each of its modalities, as well as to know some of the basic terms. In order not to go over 21, when for example you have a hand of 19, you can “stand” and wait to see what the dealer draws. If, on the other hand, you are far from reaching 21 and you want to continue adding cards then you “ask”. When the first two cards of the hand are equal, for example two 2s, you can divide the hand in two and play each one independently of the other. We show you below some of these rules and the basic terminology.

It is one of the most entertaining games, hence its popularity and multiple versions. Fun is guaranteed, but play at 100% safe blackjack casinos, the RTP is so high that it is not worth the risk of entering suspicious operators.


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