Best sources for free betting tips

The sad reality is that not many punters are able to find value bets. As this is the case most are doomed to be long term losers. If they are recreational punters this is fine as long as they are getting enough entertainment from their losses to justify the expenditure. However, if you do not see yourself as a recreational punter, but rather are betting to make a profit. Being doomed to be a long term loser is just not acceptable.

Beating the bookmakers is a lot harder than most people realize. To be able to do that you need to either have the skill and work ethic to build your own model, or to be extremely knowledgeable about a specific sport and how the betting market works. For most punters it would arguably be unrealistic to take on the bookmakers on their own and expect to come out on top.

Unless you have something special going for you it can be wise to consider getting help finding value bets. There are an extreme amount of tip selling websites, but we would recommend that you stay well clear of these.

For sure there are some tipsters selling very valuable betting tips, but too many of these tipsters are frauds making you pay for something of no value. We would first take a look at free sources of betting tips from OlyBet, as there are many good options for obtaining quality betting tips completely free of charge.

Best services for obtaining free betting tips

Which sites to consider depends on what you would like to bet on. The main European domestic football leagues are very popular betting propositions and we are big fans of a site providing articles and La Liga betting tips.

Another good option would be Deepsportsanalysis who provides various Pinnacle prediction tips. That many of their tips are for Pinnacle is beneficial as Pinnacle will not turn away any customers. Most betting companies will simply not allow their customers to win. Winning accounts will be heavily limited, making it more or less impossible for the customer to keep wagering reasonable amounts.

If you want to try to find the bets to place yourself we would recommend that you work on smaller betting sports. This is because it is much easier to find value bets with minor betting sports than the main betting markets.

Even if we would stay away from the main markets we would try to go with a sport catered for by the majority of bookmakers, popular enough to have decent wagering limits. An example of such a sport could be biathlon.

Good sources of Biathlon betting information

News and information about biathlon is available from the mainstream press in most European countries. If you are looking for more in-depth information a good source could be Sportindepth. Sportindepth provides background information about the sport like this preview about Marketa Davidova. If they keep launching similar in-depth articles, we are confident you will be able to find some information relevant for betting on biathlon.


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