Betting on Esports; Is It Worth It?

Esports has quickly risen to become one of the biggest forms of online entertainment for a growing audience as the cancellation and postponement of many sporting events throughout the start of 2020 led to many viewers seeking out something new, and the many different games in the esports space have been that something new. Gaming as a whole has been thriving with increasing numbers as platforms like mobile remain strong with genres like non uk casinos being amongst the biggest, but betting is certainly finding a huge uptick too. If you’ve not explored the world of esports betting just yet though, is it worth getting into, or is it too late?

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The scene is still young, and plenty of space to enter – The big benefit for all newcomers in the space is that esports is still relatively young in terms of what can be expected – only really emerging in the past decade or so following being much smaller before then. Whilst some games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends have been around for that entire time, new games like Valorant are still in their infancy only now exploring the first international tournament. If you are just now getting into esports, this is great news as it offers plenty of opportunity to explore everything about the growing space without feeling like you’re left behind.

An opportunity to try what you’re betting on – It can be difficult to get out onto the field and play a game of football or basketball with weather permitting and needing a group to play with, but the passion from play encourages many to bet on the biggest events – the good news is that the biggest esports titles are free to play, so if you’re looking to play them to explore betting opportunities and better understand the games too, it’s easy enough to download, jump into a game, and start developing the passion that you may have had through years of playing other sports too, and it’s a great way to gain a better understand of what’s on offer.

Events broadcast for free – One of the walls to prevent some from exploring the biggest traditional sporting events is often the pay wall in front of the streamed content, but this is something that esports hasn’t yet had to deal with. Games and events are all streamed for free on platforms like Twitch and YouTube and provide a great way to watch the games with a community of like-minded fans, and a way to watch previous VODs of all the events without the need to be subscribed to the same often high-priced platforms too.

Now is a better time than ever to get involved in esports betting, the big international events are starting to kick off again and new games are emerging every day making it a very exciting market to be involved with.


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