Which Casino Games Are the Best to Play?

Throughout the past few years, online casinos have continued to surge pulling in a growing number of new players every day – as regulation around the world changes too it allows a growing number to continue exploring the best sites, and also experienced players to continue playing their own favourite games too. A question that is often asked, however, is which games are the best to play and which should be avoided? Here is a list of those that may provide the best odds, and which ones are statistically amongst the worst.

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Avoid the slots if you’re looking for a win – Whilst perhaps amongst the most favourite of all casino games both online and offline, plenty of research has been done into which games pay-out more often and slots are statistically amongst the worst. Whilst some countries like the UK are looking at ways to change slots with a package of adjustments to make them more consumer friendly, many non uk slots will be unlikely to go through the change and stay the same way – if you’re playing for fun, slots is certainly one of the best options, but if you’re looking for a win, other titles may be better suited for you.

Competitive games should be avoided too – Whilst competitive games like Poker and Bingo where you’re competing against other players are extremely exciting, and amongst the most exciting too – but whilst the latter of Bingo relies primarily on luck to get the right draw, the former of Poker has a high level of player skill involved to win and if you’re uncertain that you’re skilled enough you may find yourself losing more often than not – another one where you can play for fun or for lower stakes, but another to avoid if you’re just looking to pull in the big win.

Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette towards the top – If you’re looking for the best games to play, then these three top the list. Both roulette and craps are games of luck, closer to the 50% win percentage for many players although a little off and with no skill required, they’re easy to understand and easy to play which makes them great for newcomers and experienced players alike – the same is true for Blackjack too as it comes in as statistically the best game for winning, you’re not competing against other players so the pressure isn’t there, and being a game extremely easy to understand means you can pick up on it quickly. If you’re hoping to win, and gain a lot of enjoyment too, these games are often the best bet.

It is of course important to play responsibly and winning shouldn’t be everything – they are games after all with the primary goal being enjoyment, so above everything make sure you’re enjoying what you’re playing, regardless of winning or losing!


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