Big Brother Diary Room Chair Quiz!

Are you a Big Brother fan? Well for two decades, hundreds of millions of fans across the globe have been obsessed with the most bizarre social experiment ever to be televised. Big Brother was initially developed in 1997 by Dutch media mogul John de Mol Jr., who also founded the original series of “The Voice”, another show that became a major hit in the UK. The premise of the show follows a collection of housemates (famous or not depending on the series), who live in a specially designed house, with a live video and audio feed running 24 hours a day for viewers to watch.

The series has run into countless controversies over the years, as it’s unfiltered look into the lives of people often featured some elements unsuitable for television such as racist opinions, marital affairs and plenty of sex, the kind of things television audiences rarely see. Despite years of calls and complaints to have the series pulled, it’s run an incredible 387 series worldwide, including Albania, Serbia, Australia and Norway!

To test your knowledge of the series, we’ve got this brilliant quiz to see if you can decipher which chair belongs to which series!

With this year’s controversy of Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallet accusing housemate Ryan Thomas of assault, the big brother 2018 betting odds are up in the air. Let us know who your money’s on, and drop us a comment to let us know if you were right!


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