Domino Action Movie Review

As a societal commodity, action movies are in a state of flux. On one hand, you have huge ventures like Avengers Endgame which was actually this year’s biggest blockbuster movie alongside being a genuine pop culture phenomenon. On the other hand, other arguably smaller crime thrillers and adventure stories have been relegated to relatively low profile releases on on-demand services and movie streaming platforms.

Domino is Brian De Palma‘s latest action sensation released on VOD in May this year. Shot in Denmark a couple of years back, the film goes to show the pure creativity in executing moments of pure cinema by De Palma.

The Grand Opener

The 89-minute movie opens with Christian (NikolajCoster-Waldau), a Danish cop,going with his old partner, Lars (SorenMalling), to respond to a supposed domestic disturbance. They swiftly move in to catch the perpetrator (EriqEbouaney) as he attempts to leave. As Christian heads upstairs to investigate further, he realizes that he did not carry his gun and borrows his partner’s. In the course of his investigation, he quickly discovers evidence of something much more than a domestic dispute going on. Unfortunately, by the time he gets back to Lars, the suspect has slipped his bonds, slit Lars’ throat is attempting to escape via the rooftop. Christian deftly gives chase but they both plummet to the ground from the rooftop. He thinks he sees a group of strange men drag the suspect away.

Notable Moments

There are a number of moments of De Palma’s trademark dark humor including the scene with the brutal torture and big set pieces like the early rooftop chase that gets you on the edge of your seat. The multiple pursuits create a uniqueness not common for action movies with action-packed electrifying scenes. Lk21 provides a buffer-free online platform where you can get access to this sensational film.

Twists and Turns

It turns out that the suspect,Ezra Tarzi, is a Libyan in pursuit of the ISIS leader,Salah Al Din (Mohammed Azaay), with a mission to avenge his father’s murder. Ezra’s arrestors, the CIA and an agent in charge compel him to continue his pursuit of Al Din. They also have him doing some dirty work the US government is prohibited from doing. They go as far as imprisoning his family to make him comply with their requests. Al Din hatches a plan to wreak havoc by conducting a brutal suicide attack planned to be broadcast over the internet. Ezra goes off in pursuit of Al Din, himself being followed by Christian who is on suspension because of his misplaced gun. Meanwhile, Alex, another Danish cop, also bears deeply personal reasons for wanting to bring down Lars’ murderer.


Action movies continue to provide great entertainment to multiple fans around the world. Brian De Palma is right at the top with the greatest action movie producers and directors. Domino, his latest work, gives a deep insight into just how creative action movie production can get. Get your copy today and be entertained. You can also access the movie via Lk21, an online movie streaming site.


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