Gambling Morals – Societal Socio Political Subjects

Gambling Morals are one of the most common socio-political subjects, and as such, we’ve included Plenty of Sarcasm!

I can go to the racetrack, dogs or horses, and lay my money down. Ah, here is the great contest of man against man; be it trainer or jockey, and may the best man win. Poppycock.

I can go to the local handi-mart and lay my money down on a lottery ticket. After all, it’s for the “greater good of Education” and I stand a reasonable chance of winning millions, right?

It could happen to me, right? – Rubbish!

I can spread my risk around in a mutual fund; a little high risk for massive returns, right?

But if I lose it, no matter, I have my risks spread, a little in medium risk sounds safe enough and some very low risk bonds. I can diversify my portfolio and nothing can touch me, right? – Ludicrous.

I can even Day Trade or go into the Commodities market. It’s got risk but what the hey? I’m diversified and my Gambling Morals are intact – so I really can’t lose, right?

There are dozens of other legal and moral ways to take risks with money, but those four points above should illustrate a ‘Gambling Morals Reality Check’ well enough.

It’s almost as if some “Uber-Moralists” with twisted Gambling Morals have decided that we can only bet on acts of God, because (sarcasm intended) there is no way a person could be cheated of their hard earned money by gambling in such a fashion… in fact it’s not even considered Gambling.

Relying on a random number generator and knowing a predetermined and verifiable element of risk is somehow considered gambling. Defies comprehension, doesn’t it?

Gambling Morals and Puppy mills and broken horses aside; can a race be fixed? Of course not! It’s state sanctioned, right?

Is the lottery a good bet? Of course it is! Someone in my state won millions awhile back! In fact, the odds and returns to player are between 40% and 60% and most states do not have a ‘dedicated fund’ where only the profits are disbursed to build schools, infrastructure etc.

Many States funnel it through the General Fund at some point and it’s several magnitudes a much poorer bet than a fools bet on roulette, even if you are purposely donating.

Can my 401K and life savings be wiped out in a matter of days in a well-diversified Mutual Fund? Ask your neighbor if you don’t already know. Maybe they will be able to explain the Gambling Morals of that bet!

Commodities? Go figure. Millions are made and lost overnight, day in and day out. Of course there is never any sort of ‘inside information’ at play when predicting commodities. There couldn’t be. It’s regulated, right?

So there ya go. Gambling Morals are Moral and Legal and Encouraged. It is even highly regulated! Just ask Enron or Goldman Sachs or your neighbor who just lost everything.

Enough snarky sarcasm? Okay. It’s a joke folks, a total joke. But there are people out there who don’t want you to trust a random number generator, a software provider, a casino host or affiliate and the mere promise of a fair game at an online casino. Someone has determined that it is in your best interest to only gamble “MORALLY”; in fact it is almost required of you (401K) if you want to die with dignity and leave a legacy. That’s a pretty harsh joke but I’m not laughing.

GamblingGurus won’t tell you what to do with your hard earned money. We will tell you that the House Advantage at a casino, online or off, is precisely that; an advantage. The casino will take all the money you bet over time if you don’t know when to stop while you’re ahead! That’s a cold hard fact!

A casino can also take all the money you bet in a night if you bet like a fool and have a bad run and also don’t know when to stop. That’s the moral truth.

We’ll also let you know that we generally make some money when you play at a casino we list here if we introduce you to them. That’s the truth. Although that is not always the case, it is generally the case. We will also go to bat for you if you play within the rules and ever have a problem with a casino listed here. It’s the right thing to do. Just let us know.

And if you need help with more gambling morals or a gambling problem then you can start here at our Responsible Gambling Guide.


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