How online poker tournaments have become the new norm

Playing poker online is one of the most enjoyable pastimes that gamblers and keen card players have been able to enjoy for some time and have since become the norm for many.

Of course, there are going to be a range of different reasons why the evolution of technology and the internet has changed how poker is played and why so many have decided that the online version is for them rather than the traditional version of playing at a physical table in a casino, although they will be the predominant factors that need to be considered.

The rise of the internet & tech

Regardless of any way you look at things, it is simply too hard to think about any other factors as to why playing poker online is as big as it is than the technology and the accessibility everyone has to the internet available to them in the digital age.

With so many having the internet at the tips of their fingers with access to smartphones and tablets that have become widely accessible and cheaper than ever before to purchase, it has allowed many poker fans to be able to play some of their favourite card games wherever they wish, provided an internet connection can be established and be stable enough for a round of cards to be played.

Furthermore, the continued advancements that are being made, as well as the latest innovations, that technology continues to go through means players are able to get some of the best playing experiences possible as many of them are as realistic as they would be when being at a physical table at a casino establishment.


There is no doubt that as human beings, we all live and lead extremely busy lives as individuals in the current world. Working 9 to 5 is something that Dolly Parton may have been able to sing about back in the 1980s when she released her hit record, however those working hours are now considered a myth or even legend by some four decades on.

With the introduction of modern tech, devices, and the internet, though, users are able to access and play poker online when they have a spare five minutes in any location they might be; provided playing the game is legal in the area that they may be.

Many will look to use their devices whilst commuting to and from work on public transport as a way of killing the boredom a journey may provide, whilst others might look to play poker online when they are able to kill a few minutes at work on a lunch break.

Hectic Lifestyles

Tying in with the point of convenience, hectic lifestyles, busy work schedules or looking after family will all play a role in reducing the time or the ability casino lovers will have to be able to visit a physical establishment, which is why so many of them will go on and look to play their favourite card game on the internet and using a device that is compatible to do so.

Whilst visiting a casino can be a highlight and an experience that is unforgettable at times because of what they provide, the brick-and-mortar locations are not always accessible or convenient, whilst a smartphone or tablet is simply there and ready to be used whilst sitting in the lounge or kitchen, or even when in bed!


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