Is VR Still a Future for Online Casinos?

Online casinos have been going through major changes over the past two years with adjustments to advertising options, new operators launching different services to grow around new restrictions with more of these sites emerging often, and the development of many new games in a variety of different genres to help capture the growing attentions of a still growing audience too. But there has been one notable exception – options emerging in the VR space. Can VR casinos still emerge as a future for online casinos as many expected, or is there still something holding the change back?

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The cost of hardware is still a big barrier for major change, but something that is gradually changing particularly with newer options like the Oculus Quest 2 coming in at a very low price point with wireless features being an option, but the cost is likely still far too high for the audience that many online casinos draw in and for the device of choice too as mobile continues and likely will lead the way for future online games too, and so some new hardware will need to emerge for VR to take off here.

There is also an option for dedicated apps to emerge following app store changes that could make this direct options target VR software too, it’s currently more common to find online casinos have a dedicated website but no dedicated mobile app and this change could be enough to push developers to explore further features in extended reality, whether this be directly for VR or a proving ground in augmented reality too.

It’s safe to say there’s definitely a market  for it though, the release of different live casino games grew to become amongst the most popular and most played showing players are willing to accept a change in the favorite games, and social features are playing more of an important role in the biggest games too which is something that VR would promise to deliver – options on dedicated systems like consoles and PC have been finding success in this space and then next step would be to bring it to the much bigger mobile market to follow in the same success. For now it does seem like VR is still a future for online casinosbut that future is still quite some time away with a few linchpins being part of the process with hardware costs, development costs, and development releases having to all see change before mobile options can emerge in a much bigger way.


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