Play & Win with Offshore Sportsbooks

Online gaming with offshore sportsbooks is rising rigorously, players and enthusiasts not only enjoy playing but also like to stay updated. Here are some things you need to know about them.

What is an offshore sportsbook?

Offshore sportsbook encompasses all forms of online gambling, casinos, and gambling sites operating outside the United States. When any offshore site does not have the licence to operate under US jurisdiction, there is no law. It means they will have no security systems or player protection systems to protect vulnerable players. Also, you have no way of knowing who is managing the money you deposit into your online account.

You can find an offshore sportsbook by searching for the website domain name. If the domain name domain is terminated in the EU or AG, the site will not be authorized to operate in the US market. Even though the coastal site authorizes the operation in the country where its headquarters are located, it does not comply with the rules set by the US authorities.

Offshore Sports Betting Legal or not in the US?

Offshore sports is a grey area, as each state in the United States has different laws regarding online gambling. Several states in the United States have licensed and controlled the online gaming market.

However, most United States directly mention online gambling, you can interpret it as involving offshore betting. In other states where the law is not up to date for online state gambling, offshore betting falls under the category of unlawful betting.

Best Offshore Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

Offshore sportsbooks allow you to bet on major sports at many sporting events anywhere in the United States. Whether you’re interested in betting on the NBA, NFL, fighting, football, golf, or any sport, you’ll find ready-made odds on betting sites outside Iceland. Here’s a list of three such sites:


XBet is our top pick among the best sportsbooks for betting in the NFL. This book offers the greatest kind of NFL betting we’ve ever seen, including many betting games for each season. In the NFL playoffs, XBet went up and offered more live betting and betting than almost any other betting site. In addition, you can bet on the future of the NFL to bet on one of the best games of the next season.


MyBookie is one of our favourite sportsbooks in the United States. This platform offers betting in the NFL and is one of the best NBA sportsbooks, including many futures so you can bet even in the winter. Another thing we love about MyBookie is that it offers many matching options, whether it’s bets, teasers, or even flips. You can buy things to increase your anger and make your bet on the bet easier.


Bovada is our best selection of foreign sportsbooks for live betting. It is the only foreign betting site that offers high-quality live streams on its website and mobile app. This is a great advantage because you can add bets in real-time while watching the gameplay without abandoning your bet.


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