Find the best instant casinos in South Africa casinos online

There are many criteria for choosing your own instant casino. One of the most common is to look for any instant casino bonus that pleases the eye. Wagering free spins as a First Deposit Bonus are one of the most common benefits that beginners will grab. They are easy to win without a wagering requirement. More experienced casino players, on the other hand, often prefer larger deposit bonuses. There are more than enough of them now at instant casinos.

The game selection is also one of the things you should pay attention to when choosing a new site. The best instant casino can be a versatile gaming portal with something for everyone, but also a great specialty Casino in a particular area. For example, many African players are interested in the best jackpot Slots on the internet. For them, an instant casino with a wide selection of jackpots may be the best option. Others particularly appreciate live casino games, such as Evolution Gaming’s brand new entertainment games. The best instant casino is therefore largely a place of your own preference. However, all the best African instant casinos have a few things in common. These include fast withdrawals, excellent mobile accessibility and, of course, absolute security. So the basic stuff has to be in order for any site to rise to the top. Choose your Instant casino from us, and you will always know that you are playing at a site that always does the most important things with respect.

The main difference between an instant online casino South Africa and a regular African online casino is that you play with online banking credentials. The instant casino is also known among players as a casino without registration, and that really means that you don’t have to create a separate username or choose a password. You always identify yourself and deposit at an instant casino  via online banking, whether it’s a new instant casino or a casino you’ve already played in before. Fast withdrawals are also one of the clearest differences that instant casinos have compared to traditional African online casinos. You can cash out into your account in no time, and there is virtually no waiting time. In a regular online casino, the processing times and actual waiting times for withdrawal requests are much longer. On the other hand, some of them now offer the same instant banking services as actual instant casinos. You can get your prize money from these African casinos almost as quickly as you can from instant casinos.

Many players also prefer to choose an instant casino because there is no need to provide the casino with their own information at all. Anonymity is on a completely different level than in other African casinos, which need to be given address information, date of birth and email address right out of the box. In addition, a copy of your ID, the payment method used and confirmation of your address are likely to be requested at the withdrawal stage. With an instant casino you can forget about this nasty step – just make a withdrawal and you’ll get your winnings straight into your account. An exception to the rule, however, is larger withdrawals, where instant casinos may also require the submission of identity documents. At that point, however, the earnings are at a good level, so that the request for a documentary is guaranteed not to annoy you as much as usual. Here are the biggest differences between an instant casino and a regular African casino:

  1. The Instant Casino is faster in all respects. In particular, the check-in and withdrawal process is quick compared to a regular African casino.
  2. There is no need to register for an instant Casino. Instant casinos are online casinos without registration, so you can start playing directly with online banking credentials. At the same time, this means better anonymity. You do not need to provide your own information to the casino.
  3. instant casino bonuses are different. Instant casinos prefer wagering-free bonuses and cashback bonuses, especially the latter being less common in traditional African casinos.

Casinos without registration payment methods have recently attracted a few worthy competitors alongside the traditional Trustly. So you don’t necessarily have to play at Trustly anymore if you want to enjoy your casino games instantaneously. For example, if you prefer a domestic option, head to one of the new Euteller Express casinos. At best, these payouts are even faster than on Trustly-based instant casino sites.

The instant casino always pays with your own online banking credentials, and the money is transferred conveniently from your bank account to and from the casino. However, this does not mean that all payment methods at an instant casino are the same. Today, instant casinos may use one of four payment providers: Trustly, Zimpler, Brite and Euteller. The first three are Swedish means of payment, while the latter is a domestic option. As a player, it makes little difference to you which means of payment you choose for your Instant casino transactions. In any case, instant casino deposit and withdrawal work in much the same way: select the deposit amount, choose your bank and confirm the payment with your online banking credentials. There may be small differences in the withdrawal rate and how the payment service interface looks. Below you can find out how Trustly, Zimpler, Brite and Euteller money transfers work.


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