Skill-Based Casino Games

Casino games have gained an unfair reputation for relying almost totally on luck for a successful outcome, when, in fact, the results of many can be largely influenced by your knowledge of the rules and familiarity with strategy.

You will find that it pays to play those that require a blend of skill and luck to guarantee the most lucrative outcome and, since you can always find a free game online, spending time practising is highly recommended before you enter the world of real money betting.


The fact that Basic Blackjack Strategy exists should tell you a lot about how much 21 depends on your skill! Following the rules outlined in this approach may not guarantee your winning, but it will certainly improve your chance of doing so.

There is a long debate raging around whether Blackjack depends more on luck or skill with those in favour of the former view insisting that, since the cards are randomly dealt, it must rely on the first. Others maintain that skilful, strategic play lowers the house edge enough to give you better odds of a payout no matter what cards you’re dealt.


David Sklansky’s Poker theory describes two strategies which players can use to improve their payouts by deceiving their opponents. The first, Bluffing, involves betting heavily when you have a weak hand. The idea is to spook your opponent into believing the opposite, inducing them to fold what may be a far superior hand.

The second, Slow Playing, is more or less the opposite of the first. Here you’re encouraged to check or bet low when you have a strong hand to get your opponent to call or raise when they really should be folding. Sure, this may be a lot more complex than playing Aussie pokies games online, but it can be a lot of fun.

It’s also important that players realise that bluffing can be just as effective online as it is off. You’ll just be doing it differently by, for example, placing a big bet when you have low-value cards which could scare off your competition and see you taking the pot!

Video Poker

The skill in playing a good Video Poker game is perhaps not what you imagine it to be. You don’t have to read hands as you do in a regular Poker game, and there are no opponents to outwit, but you need to play the best strategy for the variation you’ve chosen.

The skill in these games comes from knowing which version of Video Poker to play, which are most advantageous for the player, and avoiding the ones that don’t fall into this category. There are many variations available, but the best one in terms of a low house advantage are Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, and Joker Poker. Make sure you know your Poker-ranked hands backwards and forwards and that you don’t get caught up in chasing your losses and you should be good to go!


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