The Differences between Bingo and Poker Explained

At first sight, we can say that there are lots of differences between bingo and poker. Yes, there are many distinctions but we are sure that there are some similarities too. In this article, we will try to show you the differences mostly, however, in the end, we will say a few sentences about the similitude. Let’s not waste time and start with the first and biggest disparity – the set of cards.

Poker is played with a Few Decks of Cards

This is indeed one of the biggest differences between poker and bingo. Maybe there are some games with cards when it comes to bingo but they are not that famous and the majority of titles are being played with numbers. In the different varieties of poker, you can see 4 decks, 6 decks and even 8 decks.

Trying to Predict the Outcome

Unlike poker, playing bingo is a very unpredictable game. The rules are very simple and you just have to purchase a ticket and wait for the draw. It is impossible for the players to predict the numbers or the behaviour of the machine picking the balls. If you want to play in the fairest operators, check the various online bingo sites right now.

Poker is also not very easy for predicting, especially if against you there are serious players, however, it is not impossible. There are many good gamblers, who can predict the cards of the other competitors on the table only by checking their moves and gestures.

Decision Making

While playing bingo, you will not be given the chance to make any decisions. As written above, you just buy a card of numbers and wait for the drawing machine to start picking the balls. When we mean poker, the situation is different. Yes, there is luck in the game, especially when the dealer is sending the cards, however, it is fully your responsibility to taking the decision of how to play with your cards.

Different Platforms

It is not a secret that on a typical bingo platform you cannot play poker games. This is done on purpose and no one will argue with the fact that it is better to be like that. Bingo sites are simpler and they do not need to have complicated features like the dedicated poker platforms. Below you can see the two major companies supplying both games separately:

  • Dragonfish – A Bingo Platform
  • Enterra – A Poker Platform

There are other software providers like Playtech, where you can find poker, slots and even bingo games but these suppliers are not that many. If you enjoy playing other games, you can find here no deposit bonus codes this month and deposit free spins UK to help you with the start.

Similarities between Poker and Bingo

The biggest similarity between both games is that you can win real money. Though bingo is a game, which is considered entertaining, it should be staked accordingly, by investing money into tickets. The same is the situation with poker games, where you need to buy in accordingly or again purchase tickets to join tournaments.

However, money is not the only similarity. Both games will give you the chance to play them online and offline. There are portable bingo machines, which can be bought from the big markets and you will be one step closer to a real bingo hall. About poker, you just need chips and some sets of cards, nothing else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any bingo games similar to the poker titles?

There is one famous bingo game, which is just like poker. It is called Bingo Poker or Poker Bingo and it can be found as a board game and on some famous online sites.

Which is the biggest difference between bingo and poker?

We believe that the biggest difference is the deck of cards, which occurs in poker games and misses on bingo.

Is bingo more entertaining than poker?

Well, this is a question, which can be interpreted differently. For some, bingo is extremely entertaining, while for others poker will bring you more fun. We believe that both games are entertaining and they deserve to be played for your own pleasure.


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