The Most Common Types of Bets

Sports betting has become one of the world’s most popular enterprises over the last few years, especially now that the US market has been opened to the world.

We’re seeing hundreds of millions of punters from across the world laying down new wagers every day, and that number increases into the billions when events like the FIFA World Cup are in play.

Going into the betting scene for the first time can be extremely overwhelming. First, you’ve got to find a bookmaker that really suits your needs, but the next step, and arguably the most intimidating, is finding a type of bet that gels with the kind of betting that you are looking to do.

If you like cricket, stick to what you know, or if you’re a tennis, football or rugby fan, the same applies. Betting has changed and evolved over the years, and while we have more choice than ever, it’s a serious task of its own to pick one out that will lead you to success.

With that in mind, these are some of the more common bets that you will come across during your wagering adventures online, and should provide as good an entertainment as real money pokies.

  1. Moneyline/Win Bet

The most common of them all, and the one that bookmakers tend to try and push the most, this is the best with the highest chances of success, but also often the lowest odds.

Here, the punter simply puts money down on the player or team that they believe will win the game or come first place across the finish line. It’s a universal bet that is perfect for a punter breaking into the market for the first time.

  1. Total Bets

Slightly more complicated, but still extremely straightforward, the idea here is that the bookmaker sets a line for the number of runs, points, or goals that need to be scored in the game.

Then the bookie offers you the choice of betting on either the final score being higher or lower than the line that they set forward. It’s not quite as popular as a moneyline bet, but it’s a close second.

  1. Accumulator Bets

Aimed at the more experienced bettor, accumulators come with a lot of risk, but also much higher rewards. Here, you take out a series of bets at a time.

For example, you may bet on a single team winning a consecutive set of matches. If successful, you will be paid out an accumulated amount on all bets combined. Failing just one bet, however, means that the entire accumulator is cancelled.

  1. Prop Bets/Specials

Short for proposition bets, prop bets involved laying down a wager on special criteria that is set by the bookmaker.

Winning is often not involved with the outcome of a specific game, such as soccer, which makes it different from the previously mentioned bets. The criteria involve can vary widely, but some examples include:

  • First player to score a point
  • Time of first goal/score
  • Which team wins the coin toss

Penalties during the game


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