What is a casino bonus and why does one want it?

Can you think of the last time you got something for nothing at a poker table in a live casino? Or of a time when a poker room manager handed you some free poker chips as a thank you for choosing their casino? The answer to the questions will be probably NO. Such things never happen in live casinos. But online casinos are a different story.

Each and every online casino offers its players with welcome bonuses. But why they do so? What is the reason behind this? By giving welcome bonuses, online casinos try to attract the players, have them check out the games the online casino has to offer, enjoy those games and thus end up being a long lasting player of the online casino. This is very advantageous in the perspective of the casino operator as even though the player gets the incentive, in the beginning, it helps the casino in getting a long term client.

Different online casinos offer different terms and conditions for bonuses. These generally feature:

Turn requirement – In this way players have to take part in the bonus sum before he or she can withdraw his or her personal funds and bonus.

Non-withdrawals and withdrawals – When a turn requirement is achieved, bonuses can be withdrawn or the earnings that are produced from the bonus can be withdrawn.

Bonus Match Percentage – This is the amount that is given as a bonus in the player’s initial deposit.

Restricted Countries – Some countries are restricted by casinos as they feel are abusive towards the bonus offerings. They are not given permission to go ahead and take bonus or a given a more stringent turn requirement.

Games that are permitted to be able to withdraw the winnings or bonuses – Certain games like blackjack or roulette are not allowed.

It is important for the players to understand the rules before using a bonus code. There are many online casinos that provide reliable terms and conditions which are suitable for players. There are casinos which provide more advantages other than welcome bonuses too. Also incentives like refer a friend promotions, earn the players commission and points which they can use later on. There are many casino comparison sites which list the bonus, conditions for a bonus, maximum bonus etc. Before joining an online casino, one must look at casino bonus tutorial to get an idea about which is the best casino that offers the very best bonuses.


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