How to Be the Best Blackjack Dealer

The good thing about being a good casino dealer is that you get more tips. And sometimes they can be pretty big as well. Therefore, you always need to make sure you provide the best services possible.

If you are looking into being a blackjack dealer. Here are some tips on how you can get the player to like you.

A Simple Smile Can Take You a Long Way

We know we can have bad days at times. And, there can be those really difficult players to deal with. But, you need to make sure you keep your composure. Stay calm, friendly and always keep that smile glued on your face.

Also, you need to know that most land-based casinos in USA and around the world have cameras monitoring the different casino games unlike us online casinos. Hence, it will not be such a pretty sight if you are seen sneering at the customers.

Try to Relate With Everyone

Try to get along with all your customers. It doesn’t really matter how low their bets are. Every customer deserves to be respected. After all, that little money can actually add up to something.

“Everyone” also accommodates your supervisors. Your casino bosses have probably been in the game for a while. Meaning, they have more experience on what you should or shouldn’t do. Hence, even when you think it is wrong, play along with their rules.

Leave Your Personal Ties at Home

You will come across really difficult players at some point. And, they might harass you and make you feel bad. But try to just let go of all that and concentrate on your job.  Be careful about taking out you frustrations on the other players at your table.

Learn to Study Your Players

According to, studying your players will help you know how to treat them. It will help you know the type of conversations to hold with them. Also, keeping track of those regulars will be of good advantage. Everyone likes to feel special and relevant. And it is your job to make sure that the customer feels that way.


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